“Go on push it in”, I managed to say through my clenched teeth. “As you wish”, Erika replied and the pressure increased as her cock began to slowly stretch my anus ring and slide inside me. She kept pushing until finally the full length of her shaft was inside me and I could feel her balls up against my cheeks. My arse felt full but quite nice. After a while of her holding her cock inside me she began to pull her cock out of me. Fully withdrawing her length out of my arse, Erika moaned “your virgin ass feels really good”. Inserting her cock back into my arse the second time was a lot easier and my arse relaxed more and more as Erika repeated the process three or four more times.
“Are you ready for a good arse fucking now?”, she asked as she slid her cock back inside me for the fifth time. This time as she began to withdraw she held her cock inside me and asked “are you ready to be fucked properly?”.
I didn’t even get the chance to answer before she pushed her cock back fully inside my arse and then proceeded to pump away, fucking me harder and harder. Her big cock began to feel normal inside my ever relaxing arse and I began to really enjoy the pleasure of her cock inside me.
Erika did me doggie style for a while but soon wanted a change of position. “Time for a change”, she said as her cock slid fully out of my arse. “I want you to ride me like I’m a stallion”, she moaned as she lay on her back. My arse was aching to have her cock back inside me so I didn’t waste any time straddling her hips. She reached behind me and pushed her cock once again into my arse. Although I had never ridden a horse I rode her like I was an experienced horseman, her cock only slipping out of my arse once.
Once again she said “change”, this time wanting me to sit in her lap on the end of the bed with my back towards her. Standing at the end of the bed with her sitting behind her with her cock pointing up in the air, I began backing back and lowering my arse until it found it’s target, swallowing her cock up to the hilt. My feet still touched the floor so I could raise and lower my arse onto her hard cock. She moaned and groaned with every movement of my tight arsehole.
Erika put her hands under my buttocks after a while of me fucking her with my arse in this position and got me to stand up. Leading me to a chair she got me to lean against the back of it so she could stand behind me. I pushed my arse cheeks out so she would have easier access to my hole. Nuzzling her cock back into my arsehole, she grabbed my hips and began thrusting her cock into me. Harder and harder, faster and faster. I felt like her cock was going to drill right through me!
Eventually Erika pushed my hips away from her, releasing her cock from my well used love hole. I turned round and saw her already pulling off her condom. “No need for this anymore”, she said, “it’s my turn for an arse fucking and I’m going to make sure it’s with the biggest hardest cock you have ever produced”.
With this Erika knelt at my feet and began sucking my now semi-erect penis back to life. I felt my manhood growing in her mouth and before I knew it Erika had produced a condom and was sliding it onto my cock with her mouth. She then gave it a couple of long hard slurps and then exclaimed “I think your ready, so give it to me!”…………… Part 3 to follow soon…………..

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    Such a turn and I’m rock hard reading this. You are stunning

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