Erika stood up and moved towards the bed. She sat down on the end and beckoned me towards her. Her cock still stood semi-erect between her toned thighs. I made my way towards her and as I did so she lay back, raising her legs in the air. She told me to kneel between her legs so I could fuck her in a variety of the missionary position.
Kneeling between her legs I had full access to Erika’s cock and balls which I plunged my face into, sucking her cock and balls bringing some life back to her diminishing cock.
“Come on, stick it in my arse”, she cried out anxiously. Man did she want to be fucked. “Don’t you need more lubricant”, I asked. “No”, she replied, “I’m ready as I am, just stick it in!”.
I took hold of my cock in my right hand and aimed my bulging mass at Erika’s ring, like aiming a dart at the bullseye. My cock touched her ring and I felt her twitch a little. Grabbing her thighs I began to thrust forward against Erika’s arsehole.
She let out a moan as my cock began to slide inside her hole. I kept pushing until my cock was fully inserted and my balls were touching her arse cheeks. Holding my cock in her arse she yelled out “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”. Her arse passage felt amazing so I obliged her wishes and began thrusting in and out, my thrusts growing in intensity as I grabbed her cock and began wanking it in rhythm to my thrusts. Erika, after a while of this, closed her legs and put her calves on my shoulders, tightening her arse ring around my pulsating cock. Continuing to fuck Erika in this fashion almost made me cum, but fighting the urge I fucked her harder and harder.
I did as she had done earlier and asked her to change positions as she had fucked me in a variety of positions and I felt I should get to try some as well. Withdrawing my cock, I told her to get on all fours so I could do her doggie style. She obliged and soon I had my cock back inside her, pumping her ass full of my cock as I gripped her hips.
Again after a while of this position I withdrew my cock and asked her to change positions. She this time however made the decision and told me to lie on my back. She then straddled my hips facing me and reached behind her round arse cheeks, grabbing my throbbing cock and inserting it into her well accustomed arsehole. Riding me now like a pro, Erika’s hips rythmically rocked back and forth making my cock slide gently in and out of her ass.
Changing her position slightly, Erika squatted over my cock and then lowered her hole onto my manmeat so that half of my cock was still visible. Leaning backwards she propped herself up with her arms and stabilised herself. “Thrust up into my arse and do it hard”, she told me to which I began immediately to do. I thrust upwards hard and fast with her obliging with the occasional lowering and raising of her buttocks. As this position was quite tiring for both of us I asked her to dismount me so we could find a different position we could both enjoy.
Upon dismounting me, she bent over and gave my cock a quick slurp, licking off her ass juices. She then got off the bed and moved over to quite a tall, non-backed stool where she sat down with her arse cheeks hanging over the edge of the seat. I moved over to her and when she leant forward I could see her arsehole peeking out just enough for me to get my manhood in there and that’s just what I did.
Without warning I slammed my rock hard cock into her obliging arse, forcing a little cry from Erikas mouth. Banging away at her arsehole I began to feel my cum rising and knew that I couldn’t keep this up much longer. As I got closer and closer to cuming I pulled my cock out of her arse and told her I was going to cum.
On hearing this, she quickly moved across to the bed and sat down on the end with her mouth wide open. I followed her and as I did so pulled my condom off and began wanking my cock. Upon reaching the bed, erika pulled my hand away from my cock and bending forward took my length in her mouth. It didn’t take many sucks before I blew my load in her mouth.

I could still feel cum in my balls and was still horny as hell but thought I had better finish pleasing Erika before I came again.
I turned my attention back to her cock which by now had shrunken quite a lot, but this did not discourage me from trying to get her off. Taking her semi erect cock in my mouth, I sucked her shaft like the tastiest lollipop. Kneeling in front of her, with her sitting on the stool, she put her hand behind my head and pumped my head up and down on her cock. I could feel her cock once again growing in my mouth so I pumped away taking her meat deeper and deeper down my throat.
Reaching up I fondled Erika’s breasts and rubbed her nipples between my fingers bringing a gasp from her lips. Feeling her own cum rising, she stood up and holding my head with both hands began thrusting her cock into my mouth, fucking it like she had fucked my arse earlier.
With one last thrust Erika held my head tightly against her pelvis (so I couldn’t take my mouth away) and blew her load into my mouth. Her cum was hot and salty, but I returned the favour and swallowed all that Erika had to give.
Throughout all of this happening, my cock was still hard and I knew I still needed to cum again. Upon seeing that my cock was still hard she went over to one of the bedside cabinets, opened it and pulled out an object that when she returned to my side I recognised as a dildo. It was long and black and its girth was a little bigger than her cock when it had been inside me.
She told me to lie on my back and spread my legs, raising my knees as I did so. She knelt between my legs and began sucking my unsheathed hard-on. Soon after I felt the tip of her dildo pushing against my arse ring. I was still a little lubricated from her fucking me earlier so there was a little resistance from my ring. The pressure began to increase as it had done when she first put her cock in my arse but this time it wasn’t as uncomfortable. My sphincter gave way and the dildo was inside me up to the handle in no time. I could not believe my virgin arse could take such a length!
Erika continued to suck my cock and pump my arse with her dildo. She sped up her pumping as she tasted my precum and I told her I was near to cuming again. As she pumped harder and harder it felt like she was going to split me in half with her huge dildo going further and further up my arse cavity. Finally I couldn’t hold on any longer. Erika licked up all my cum, swallowing it down like it was a delicacy.
After I had cum Erika lay beside me, both our cocks now limp. We were both spent and had little energy left. She leant over and gave me a long passionate kiss on the mouth, her tongue slipping inside my mouth. “Thank you”, she said.
After a while of lying together, Erika suggested having a shower together before I left. We walked through to her oversized bathroom where there was a huge shower with double shower heads.
We had our shower, washing each others bits and pieces before drying ourselves and heading back to the bedroom and getting dressed. I pulled out my wallet and paid for Erika services giving her a little extra for such a good time.
She walked me to the door where she gave me a hug and another long-lingering kiss. As I was walking out the door, Erika told me that she would love me to come back again, which i have and i have had the same experience as i had on that first encounter….

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  • Pete
    Posted at 01:09h, 12 mayo

    Dear Erika,
    you look like a beautiful gift to the world; you sound like a beautiful gift to men. You are adorable; one experience with you and I believe I would worship you, You are perfect.
    One day I will find the courage to meet you and be transported to paradise!
    Love, Pete xxxx

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